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Brewer Points are accrued as follows:

Best of Show 12 points

1st Place in Category 6 points

2nd Place in Category 3 points

3rd Place in Category 1 point


All entrants in the qualifying competitions are eligible to compete in the FRHY competition by submitting details of their earned points to the competition organizer through email at frhy2010@gmail.com. Details will be verified and results updated throughout the year.

Niwot Award:

A Best of Show in a qualifying competition earns 1 point for each beer it defeated. BOS Beer, Mead and Cider can all be submitted, and each will earn points based on the total entries in that style. For example, a Beer BOS at a competition with 50 beer entries and 10 mead earns 49 points, and the Mead BOS earns 9. For the second round of the NHC all of the entries in both rounds will be used to determine the points since there is no BOS in the first round.


Judge Points for the Judge of the Year are accrued as follows:

2 points per standard judging session at a qualifying event

1 point for a Best of Show round at a qualifying event

1 point for each BJCP level at the end of the competition period (Novice = 1,

Apprentice = 2 Master = 6, GM levels +1 each)

3 points for taking the test during the competition period

3 points for organizing a test prep class during the competition period

3 points for improving a level during the competition period

1 point for each non-qualifying competition judged, regardless of sessions

1 point for proctoring or administering a test during the competition period

2x the non-judging BJCP points earned for grading exams


Anyone judging in at least one qualifying event from 1/1/2015 until the final qualifying event will be eligible, but must submit details of their earned points via email as above.


Double points are awarded for both brewing and judging in NHC Round 2. Points for both brewing and judging can be submitted retroactively until two weeks before the last qualifying competition, at which point the FRHY competition will be closed to new entrants. Points requested retroactively that cannot be verified will not be accepted.


Notify the organizer of your results by clicking here: frhy2010@gmail.com.


Note: This is strictly opt-in. Im not maintaining stats for the everyone on the front range, just those that want in.


The decisions of the competition organizer, who is the only person expressly excluded from competing in either competition, are final on all matters.

Last Updated : January 14th, 2015